Here's the General Idea...

Sarah Curro presents VOLUME, the dynamic amplified solo-violin show that has amazed audiences for almost a decade, showcasing some of Australia’s finest music writing talent, all conveniently brought to you in one solo violin-powered show. Pop artists writing classical style, classical composers breaking out the effects pedals - all rules are broken with the VOLUME experience.

The VOLUME vision is shared by Spur Violins.

The Next Show

DOUBLE BILL: VOLUME 8 @ The Toff in Town featuring Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan.

Sunday, November 1, 7:30pm - The Toff In Town (map) | Tickets via Moshtix

Mal and Kylie

This year VOLUME 8 returns to The Toff in Town for a fun-filled double bill with Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan. Vocal adventurer, multi-instrumentalist and looping beat-boxing songwriter Mal Webb sings his songs about all manner of stuff. He's like Bobby McFerrin, Aphex Twin and Cole Porter playing scrabble. Ebulliently eclectic. Nefariously varied. Joined by Morrigan (who has played with the likes of Barry White & Orchestra Victoria) providing violin & voice in perfect balance with Mal’s nutty intensity!

Sarah will play Steve Reich's Violin Phase, some electric hits from past VOLUME shows like Dawn by Hugh Crosthwaite and U¨berlegen by Adrian Hollay and will premier the awesome new piece by Sharif Labban for electric and backing track- Beating Aerophobia.

VOLUME 8 guest sound designer Adrian Hollay.


Sarah Curro (violin) | more from Sarah

Sarah Curro

The creator of VOLUME concert series, Sarah distorts time and space, the walls of the room bending towards her artist's brush. When she picks up her fiddle and bow she skins a thousand cats in one short downward stroke of the bow - her sword - or was that up or even sideways? It doesn't matter, because she knows how fire melts ice and ice melts fire and that in your one short life you have limited opportunities to kill your own animals - and eat them too.

Paul Llewellyn Davies (luthier) | facebook

Arts Music Photo Arts Music Photo

Master luthier Paul Llewellyn Davies has a mantra: respect for the past, vision for the future, and nowhere in his work is this more true than his Spur Semi-Acoustic range of stringed instruments. Hand made, beautifully curvaceous, wired with custom-designed pickups and explosive sound capability, these are instruments like no other. Paul works with an deep understanding of this history of violin making, balanced with an appreciation for the technology and spirit of our own time.

Mal Webb & Kylie Morrigan (composer/performer) | website

Mal Webb

Vocal adventurer, multi-instrumentist and looping beatboxing songwriter Mal sings his brain provoking songs using all sorts of vocal techniques, guitar, mbira, slide trumpet, trombone, chromatic harmonica and a loop recording pedal called Derek. And Kylie (who's played with Orchestra Victoria and the likes of Stevie Wonder and Barry White!) provides violin and voice in a perfect balance to Mal's nutsness. Their arrangements are intricate and playful. Imagine Einstein, Dr Seuss and Paganini making pancakes.

Sharif Labban (composer) | website

Sharif Labban

Sharif Labban is a 2014 graduate of Duke University, where he attained a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition and Social Psychology. Labban primarily studied music composition, theory and history with Anthony Kelley, Associate Professor of the Practice of Music; Stephen Jaffe, Mary and James H. Semans Professor of Music Composition; and Paul Leary, Visiting Assistant Professor of Music.

Labban is currently the Exhibition Designer at Soundbooth in Melbourne, Australia. Labban develops music and interactive software for installations, exhibitions and sound sculptures, as well as designs conceptual framework for future projects.

Hugh Crosthwaite (composer) | site

Hugh is a freelance composer, orchestrator, producer and engineer. In the year 2004 he completed a Bachelor of Music at The University of Melbourne, majoring in composition. Hugh is inspired by a wide variety of different music, being particularly influenced by the classical music of the late 19th and the early 20th century, as well as popular and alternative rock music.

In recent years Hugh has enjoyed the opportunity to write commissions for Brian Walters SC, The Melbourne Youth Orchestra, and the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Choir and Concordis. In addition to classical composition, Hugh works with fellow composer Nicholas Buc under the name Composure writing and producing music for film and television.

Adrian Hollay (Sound Engineer/Composer) | website

Adrian Hollay

Adrian has composed and recorded numerous soundtracks for theatre, dramas, animation films and documentaries in New Zealand and in his native Germany. For the last three years he has worked with New Zealand's leading theatre company, the Auckland Theatre Company. He has been commissioned to write new works for Australia's Plexus Ensemble and for concert violinist Sarah Curro. Adrian is also an accomplished and award-winning music producer and sound engineer. His recordings have been released on music labels Naxos and Atoll, as well as being broadcast on public radio stations in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and across Europe.

Since 2006 he has been employed by Radio New Zealand as a Music Producer and Recording Engineer. His area of expertise is in recording and engineering predominantly classical music. In New Zealand he has extensively recorded the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and the NZ Opera. Adrian was twice awarded the New Zealand Radio Award for ‘Best Technical Production of a Studio or Outside Broadcast Recording'. Most recently in 2014 for his recording of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra's performance of Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem.

Adrian's formal training includes a Master of Arts in Sound Design and Sound Recording from the University of Auckland.

A taste

Selections From Old Shows

Contributing artists

The VOLUME Hall of Fame

Simon Schluter (photographer) | website

Photography by Simon Photography by Simon Photography by Simon Photography by Simon Photography by Simon Photography by Simon

Simon Priestley (sound) | myspace

Simon Priestley

Based in Melbourne, Simon has been a performing musician for twenty years playing guitar in a number of projects. He holds a Bachelor degree in audio engineering and regularly freelances as a live performance mixer, studio and location recorder, specialising in string and orchestral audio support. Simon's focus on live sound extends beyond basic setup and mixing as he endeavors to help with as many aspects of each performance as possible to create a stress free environment and experience for the artist, allowing them to concentrate their energies on their performance.

His current project is as guitarist of his band Mighty Sun with five other very talented musicians.

Elyane Laussade (piano) | website

Elyane Laussade

As a soloist, Elyane has performed in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa, the USA and Europe. She has toured Taiwan where she performed recitals in Taipei, Tainan, Chaiyi, and at the National Concert Hall in Taichung. Elyane was also invited to perform at the first recorded performance at the Elizabeth Murdoch Recital Hall in the Melbourne Recital Centre, which aired on the ABC television program Catalyst

Elyane enjoys a rich chamber music involvement along with her solo career. Her love for the musical experience as a close encounter has inspired her to run a special series of intimate recitals at the Laussade Studio in Melbourne, both as a soloist and in collaboration with Australian musicians and leading soloists from abroad.

David Jones (drums) | site

David Jones

David Jones is one of the world's great drummer-percussionists. He is a man with a unique musical vision drawing from all aspects of his life and spirituality to create a powerfully individual, articulate and imaginative style. With 'whisper to roar' dynamics, seamless technique and mastery of multi-layered polyrhythms, David is one of Australia's most virtuosic musicians. He plays from a totally relaxed attitude of mind and body, he is an innovator and catalyst of energy, driven by a joyful spirit of play and emotional intensity.

In 2010 David received the prestigious Melbourne Prize for Music for his significant contribution to Australian cultural life.

Damien Eckersley (double bass)

Damien Eckersley

Damien studied double bass with Max Mcbride at the Canberra School of Music, and Prof. Timothy Dunin at the Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Oberschutzen, Austria. In Australia, he has played with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Sydney Symphony, the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Victoria. Internationally, Damien has worked with the Vienna Philharmonic, the Graz Philharmonic, the Niederösterreichische Tonkünstler Orchester, the WDR Symphony Orchester Köln, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa, and others.

As a chamber musician and soloist, Damien has appeared in concerts throughout Australia, Germany, Austria and Japan, China, Hong Kong, collaborating with orchestras, musicians, and ensembles from all over the world. Damien is passionate about music education and is Coordinator of Double Bass at the Australian National Academy of Music, and Lecturer in Double Bass at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Melbourne University, as well as giving master classes throughout Australia and Japan. He is also involved in ensemble and chamber music coaching, working often with the Australian Youth Orchestra, Melbourne Youth Music, and the Kanazawa University Orchestra amongst others.

Robert Sims (composer) | website

Robert Sims

Robert began composition at an early age making up short tunes on the piano, and at a later stage writing them down as he learnt music notation. His music has a melodic underpinning, incorporating his formal training in harmony, counterpoint, rhythm and music history from the University of Melbourne. Robert's strongest assets come from his experience as a performer, having had the good fortune of working with numerous orchestras, big bands and a range of commercial and classical ensembles, he has been able to listen and learn from the greatest composers, writers and arrangers.

Specialising in composition for brass and small ensemble, his works are technically intricate, musically complex and written specifically with the brass sound in mind. Stylistically, Robert’s work tends to gravitate towards melodic lyricism. Robert’s compositions have been inspired most by Bach, Mozart, Mahler, Stravinsky and Prokofiev, as well as the film music of John Barry’s.

Steve Smart (poet) | website

Steve Smart

Steve Smart is a piece of graffiti written on a wall somewhere in Collingwood that is only entirely readable in the dark. He is also a series of poems written in strange places, a picture of a monkey eating pie in a Chinese language textbook, an advocate of squash (the vegetable), silent partner in several imaginary businesses and a firm believer that a late apocalypse is still worth waiting for. When not busy being all of the above he is a poet from Melbourne, Australia with unruly hair.

With over a decade worth of experience on-stage at events and festivals around the country and overseas, Steve has become something of a cult (small 'c') figure with both poetry audiences and audiences who swear they usually hate poetry.

Amanda Anastasi (poet) | website

Amanda A

Amanda Anastasi is a poet whose work ranges from the introspective to the socio-political. Her work has been published in magazines and anthologies both locally and overseas, including Cordite, FourW, Poetrix, Page Seventeen and Short & Twisted and the scrolling text screens of Federation Square as part of the Overload Poetry Festival. Her work has also featured on 3RRR's Aural Text, 3CR and Phoenix FM radio and Channel 31's Red lobster program.

Amanda's first poetry collection 2012 and other poems, was named in Ali Alizadeh's 'Top Ten Poetic Works of 2012' in Overland Literary Journal. This year she performs at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in the Kollaborayshun show, St Kilda Village Stripfest, the Newport Folk Festival and is back at the Williamstown Literary Festival. Amanda also co-wrote the spoken word/music show Loop City with Steve Smart and composer Yvette Audain, produced by MSO violinist Sarah Curro as part of her Volume concert series.

Belinda Strodder (photographer) | website

Photography by Belinda Photography by Belinda Photography by Belinda Old Shows Old Shows Old Shows Old Shows

Belinda has a natural instinct for capturing extraordinary moments and creating distinctive images. She moves with theatre-savvy stealth and has immunity to impossible deadlines.

Bret King (sound) | site

Bret King

Bret King has been a sound guy and musician for over 20 years, including over 10 years as Senior Sound Technician at the Victorian Arts Centre. From touring Australia as audio engineer for the Tokyo String Quartet to playing live percussion with techno DJs in Tokyo, as well as composing music for AFI winning movies, he enjoys working in all areas of the music industry. Currently playing drums with his band Lychee Martini and working on various projects in his studio, Bret is always looking for new and interesting ventures to become involved with.

Richard Gill (composer) | blog

Richard Gill, photo from

"Perhaps it's just as well that Leonard Bernstein is dead. Otherwise he'd probably have to relinquish his great reputation as a musical educator - or at least share it with Sydney's Richard Gill." - John Carmody, The Sun Herald

Richard Gill, Music Director of Victorian Opera, is also the Artistic Director of the Sydney Symphony's Education Program. He has also been Artistic Director of OzOpera, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra and the Adviser for the Musica Viva in Schools Program.

Richard has frequently conducted for Opera Australia and OzOpera, and in recent seasons has conducted Meet the Music concerts with the Sydney Symphony, Discovery concerts with the Sydney Sinfonia; the Melbourne, Canberra, Queensland and Tasmanian Symphony orchestras, and the Brisbane and Melbourne premiere seasons of Richard Mills' The Love of the Nightingale.

Richard has received numerous accolades, including an Order of Australia Medal, the Bernard Heinze Award, Honorary Doctorates from the Edith Cowan University of Western Australia and the Australian Catholic University, the Australian Music Centre's award for Most Distinguished Contribution to the Presentation of Australian Composition by an individual, and the Australia Council's Don Banks Award.

Two Men Drawing (sketchers) | see them sketch

Two Men Drawing

The dynamic duo of Bruce Harvey and Peter Mills will sketch anyone or anything. Their unique styles freeze a moment in time forever, and they're always sketching with a smile.

Mal Webb (composer) | website

Mal Webb

Around the world and into your brain, vocal adventurer, multi-instrumentist and looping beatboxing songwriter Mal Webb sings his songs about all manner of stuff, using all sorts of vocal techniques, guitar, mbira, slide trumpet, trombone, chromatic harmonica and a loop recording pedal called Derek. It's a lip to lung journey through the physics, physiology and phrivolity of all the sounds a face can make. Sideways yodelling, beatbox, harmonics, throat singing, uvular fluttering, advanced clapping. He's like Bobby McFerrin, Aphex Twin and Cole Porter playing scrabble. Ebulliently eclectic. Nefariously varied. Family fun free from facile frippery.

Timothy Phillips (percussionist / conductor)

Timothy Philips

Timothy Phillips has forged a unique career for himself in his homeland Australia and in continental Europe. His musical experience covers all styles, ranging from classical, symphonic, solo, experimental music theatre through to musicals, rock and jazz, with a special affinity for the music of our time. Timothy's main focus these days is on conducting and in particular the Arcko Symphonic Project, of which he is the founder and director.

Timothy Tate (composer) | website

Timothy Tate

Timothy Tate is a composer, performer of theremin, viola and electronics. Timothy is currently based in Brisbane, composing, performing and creating exciting multi-disciplinary events with his group Ensemble Fabrique.

Eric Schwartz (composer) | myspace

Eric Schwartz

Primarily interested in a synthesis of musical archetypes, Schwartz is always at work on a variety of genre bending projects. Formative influences include an amalgamation of the glam metal of the late 80's, and the baroque intellectualism of Arnold Schoenberg. His music has been performed from New York to Romania and back. Schwartz is the artistic director of the Brooklyn, NY based experimental music group Forecast Music, and was appointed Resident Composer for the Los Angeles based Tonoi contemporary music ensemble's 2007 - 2008 season. His debut CD "24 Ways of Looking at a Piano", named one of the top classical CDs of 2005 by All Music Guide, is available now from Centaur Records.

Andrew Aronowicz (composer)

Andrew Aronowicz

Andrew Aronowicz (b1989) is a Melbourne-based composer, and is a recent graduate of a Masters of Music in composition at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Andrew has had workshops and performances with prominent ensembles including the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Australian Brass Quintet and new Melbourne ensemble, Petrichor, and has been commissioned by artists and ensembles such as violinist Sarah Curro, and the Tudor Choristers. Most recently he has been accepted into the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Cybec 21st Century Australian Composers program for 2013 and 2014.

Josh Rogan (trumpet)

Josh Rogan

Josh Rogan was born in 1990 and began playing cornet with the Frankston City Brass band when he was 5 years old. He was accepted on scholarship to study trumpet at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, and then continued his studies at the University of Melbourne. After 3 years of study at university, Josh was accepted into the Australian National Academy of Music, where he currently studies with Tristram Williams and David Elton. Over the past 3 years, Josh has started becoming a passionate supporter of new works, and in 2012, he curated and performed in a brass composition concert, where 9 new works for brass were given their world premieres.

Yvette Audain (multi-instrumentalist) | soundcloud

Yvette Audain

Yvette Audain is Auckland born and based, working as an arranger, composer, clarinetist and saxophonist. Her work has been performed by the Auckland Philharmonia orchestra, where she has worked as an arranger since 2008.

Yvette has composed for and performed on Radio New Zealand Concert, not least when they recorded and broadcast her 2011 Auckland Fringe Festival show Grooves Unspoken: Music by Yvette Audain, a self-curated programme showcasing he music. In 2012 Yvette spent a year in Melbourne and was involved in Loop City after meeting Sarah Curro during VOLUME 3.

Yvette returned to New Zealand in January 2013, and is enjoying her continued involvement with Auckland composition collective The Committee, where she presented her works Hazine (Treasure) and Scatter, as both composer and saxophonist. She is busy as a teacher and gig musician, always ensuring she is never further than a short stroll from the sea.

Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh (composer) website

Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh

Annie is part Taiwanese, part Kiwi and part Australian. She received both her bachelor and Masters degrees from the University of Melbourne under the supervisions of Stuart Greenbaum and Brenton Broadstock.

As a composer, Annie has works performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Kuring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra (Sydney), the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, as well as commissions from the Southern Cross Soloists, Beijing Modern Music Festival, Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, Ensemble Fabrique (Brisbane) and Chronology Arts (Sydney).

Nikolas Hammond (photographer)

Nikolas Hammond Photo Nikolas Hammond Photo Nikolas Hammond Photo Nikolas Hammond Photo Nikolas Hammond Photo Nikolas Hammond Photo

Nikolas skilfully operated the slide projector in sync with VOLUME 3, tastefully draping the show at key moments in a veil of his stunning imagery.

A is for Atlas (organisation)

A is for Atlas

A is for Atlas is an independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to inter-artform exploration, and to the development of Australian artists. We create new performance works that envigorate form, and envigorate audiences to seek out new foods for their creative consumption. The company's acclaimed previous works include Heracles High 5 (2010), Quartet/The Razor (2009), Duets for Actor and Musician (2008) and I Start Again (2006), during which time we have partnered over two dozen independent Melbourne artists and companies in the development of new work.

Leah Scholes (percussion) | youtube

Leah Scholes

Leah Scholes adores playing percussion, and aside from working with orchestras she gets very excited about her involvement in a variety of projects with other musos, circus artists and puppeteers. She delights in baking, travel, discovering musical applications for everyday objects, good wine and snuggly winter clothing. It is only a matter of time before she designs a project that combines all of these things together...

David Van Der Leur (animation)

David Van Der Leur

Up and coming Melbourne artist and animator David Van De Leur has been working on his latest creation from the sunny beaches of southern Queensland. His animation Power lines is a lighthearted look at the lines of power crisscrossing through our society, these "power lines" that we are all tied to in some way or another represented literally, while differing factions in society are pairs of dancing shoes dangling from the wires.

Matthew Timmis (composer)

Matthew Timmis

Matthew Timmis studied composition at the University of Adelaide. Performances this year have included "Car-cophony", for 12 car stereos and car enthusiasts, at the Castlemaine State festival and a rescoring of the classic silent film "Nosferatu-A Symphony of Horror", for 3 rock bands, wind ensemble and choir, at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

MASSURI (costume design) | site

The costume for VOLUME 2 @ Castlemaine State Festival was found in a store in Melbourne Central called Fashion Incubator, all credit to MASSURI for this stunning design.

Carmen Warrington (vocalist) | site

Carmen Warrington is a performing artist, songwriter, speaker and author who is dedicated to creating works that uplift and inspire. She was introduced to meditation in 1984, a gift that continues to enrich her personal and professional life. Born in England, her family moved to Australia when she was ten. As well as working from time to time as an actress, Carmen is also part of the music industry.

She received international praise for her work in the jazz-fusion band AtmaSphere, which featured the work of David Jones her long-term music collaborator. David and Carmen perform their life-affirming "Inner World Music Concert" at intimate venues around Australia. Carmen also performs with Sydney's quartz crystal singing bowls player Susie Nelson-Smith in concert. Carmen is now based in Melbourne, Australia, where she writes, performs, and offers her services as a Civil Celebrant.

The Twoks (pop duo) | site

The Twoks music has been described as epic, hard-edged, tribal, sunny, seductive, hypnotic and more. It is music that is truly impossible to put in a box.

Lisa Mills (film maker)

Writer-director Lisa Mills makes shorts films, music videos, documentaries and her own brand of visuals to project at live events. After several years of media and music work in London, Mills has returned home to make films, music (and babies!) in Melbourne.

Dan Salecich (composer) | site

Dan Salecich was born in 1979 in Bundaberg, Australia. Since graduating with 1st class Honours (performance) and a University Medal in Violin and Composition from The University of Queensland.

Salecich has undertaken postgraduate studies at the Universitat fur Musik und darstellende Kunst, Graz, Austria. He has recently completed his doctorate at the University of Queensland with the help of a major Australian postgraduate scholarship. His teachers have included Philip Bracanin, Spiros Rantos, Georg Friedrich Haas and Beat Furrer.

Salecich has worked with various music ensembles and groups in Australia, Austria, Italy, Germany and France. Dan's interests are broad, from producing contemporary and experimental acoustic music to electronic music mixed with acoustic sounds and even the odd pop tune. As a performer and composer he has been involved in many classical, contemporary, and crossover projects.

Jane Hammond (composer)

Jane Hammond

Jane Hammond works in Melbourne as a conductor, pianist and composer. She has composed original music for mainstream and community theatre, and the concert stage including for companies such as Opera Australia and the Melbourne International Festival.

Her new work for wind symphony, Dancing with Ghosts, has been selected as part of the national Australian Section for the ISCM World Music Days 2011 to be held in Zagreb. From the Gallows Tree for speaking voice, prepared piano and recorders can be heard on the recent Move CD Flowers.

Jane lectures in theory, history and practical subjects at the School of Music - Conservatorium, Monash University where she is also currently undertaking doctoral research.

Craig William Osborne (costume designer)

Craig William Osbourne

In 2008, Craig William Osborne was discovered in vintage 60s costume busking on his Arts Music cello outside the National Gallery of Victoria. After a brief conversation and an exchange of phone numbers the seed was planted. Then, after many strolls along Sydney Rd. (in original Victorian clothing including top hat, gloves and cane - not to mention the meticulously hand starched collar) the fabulous full length Napoleonic dress coat was conceived by Craig William and commissioned by Sarah Curro for VOLUME 1 @ Abbotsford Convent. A reclusive eccentric (again true to historical form) Craig William departed for Ballarat never to be seen again, the moment of fame was too overwhelming. We wish him well in his travels.

James Wade (composer) | website

James Wade

James Wade developed an interest in music comparatively late which allowed his compositions to be largely influenced by philosophical and abstract ideas more than by other composers or genres of music. Themes relating to environment, identity and the nature of life feature prominently in his work. His music has been performed and broadcast around Australia and internationally by many major ensembles and musicians.

Christian O'brien (composer) | myspace

In 2009 Christian was the only Australian selected for the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers film-scoring workshop in New York City. His cue was rapturously received when performed by members of the New York Philharmonic. He returned to a sold out run of his first opera 'The Australian Constitution, Ten Short Operas, One Big Country'.

In addition to working on scores for numerous short films, Christian's band Alpine recently signed to Ivy League Records (The Vines, Josh Pyke) and released their debut EP Zurich. They are currently touring Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom with their hypnotic pop.

Daniel Masmanian (composer) website

Daniel Masmanian<

Daniel Masmanian is a composer living in Fremantle, Western Australia, who regularly performs as a conductor and pianist. His music for film, theatre and the concert hall has been performed internationally and recently his works have been performed by the Australian String Quartet and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. He studied at the Royal Northern College of Music and has lectured in Singapore and Australia. Currently Daniel is completing his PhD at the University of Western Australia.

Dave Paterson (composer)

Born Sydney 1984, David began composing at the age of seven with a series of bagatelles for piano. Trevor Pierce guided his enthusiasm for composition until the age of 12, when he was placed under the mentorship of Richard Gill. He entered Newington College as a music scholar, receiving the school's annual prize for composition for five consecutive years.

In 2004 he studied composition at the Sydney Conservatorium before transferring to the Royal College of Music, where he drew direction from composers Jonathan Cole, William Mival, Edwin Roxburgh, Robin Holloway and Mark-Anthony Turnage as he developed his musical language. David's works have been performed by such groups as the Australian Youth Camerata, RCM Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Symphony Sinfonia and London Contemporary Consort. He currently holds a scholarship at the Australian National Academy of Music under the mentorship of Michael Kieran Harvey.

Charles MacInnes (composer) | website

Charles MacInnes

Trombonist Charles MacInnes is Convenor of Brass at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne. He is fluent in a wide variety of musical styles from orchestral to commercial to experimental and is attuned to the changing listening habits of his environment.

As a composer and sound designer he is gaining recognition for his work with musicians, animators, short film makers, and installation artists, where his aim is the seamless integration of electronics with acoustic instruments.

Over several years, Charles has developed a "hands on" workshop series enabling young people to create, compose, and perform their own music. Hundreds of such workshops have been presented throughout Australia including for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Musica Viva, Allans Music, The Song Room, Ping, Melbourne Youth Music, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne International Festival of Brass, and the Australian National University.

David Lang (composer)

David Lang

David Lang's musical career began with his celebrated series of Percussion Compositions, co-written with a friend at the age of five and featuring the sounds of whatever he could get his hands on in the kitchen. He was later encouraged to learn some 'proper' instruments (such as trumpet and piano), but composition remained his favourite musical pursuit.

At the moment he's completing his Honours in Music Studies at Adelaide's Elder Conservatorium, studying with Graeme Koehne. He has written for choirs, orchestras, all kinds of chamber groups (from string quartet to tuba duet) and solo instruments and voices. David is also interested in writing and talking about music, and this year spent eight weeks in Sydney on the Australian Youth Orchestra's Music Presentation Fellowship.

To escape from music, David enjoys walking in the Adelaide Hills (although sometimes Composition follows him up there), reading, and eating Haigh's chocolate. He has never lost his early passion for 'found' percussion - his recent settings of Jabberwocky and the classic Australian poem How McDougal Topped the Score feature instruments such as saucepan lids, corrugated iron and music stands.

Richard Einhorn (composer) | site

The unique music of Richard Einhorn has been described as "hauntingly beautiful", "sensational", and "overwhelming in its emotional power". He has become one of a small handful of living composers who not only reaches a large worldwide audience but whose music receives widespread critical praise for its integrity, emotional depth, and craft.

Before turning his attention exclusively to composition, Einhorn worked as a record producer for such artists as Meredith Monk and The New York Philharmonic. His production of the Bach Cello Suites with Yo-Yo Ma won a Grammy for Best Instrumental Performance. Recent works include The Spires, The City, The Field, a 9/11 memorial premiered by the Albany Symphony. A Carnival of Miracles, written for Anonymous 4, premiered to a sold-out crowd at New Sounds Live and broadcasted live over WNYC-FM. My Many Colored Days is an orchestral commission from the Minnesota Orchestra. Presently, Einhorn is completing The Origin, an oratorio based on Charles Darwin's Origin of Species. He lives in New York City with his wife Amy Singer and their daughter Miranda.

Richard Grantham (composer) | facebook

Richard Grantham

Brisbane-based composer and improvising multi-instrumentalist Richard Grantham studied at the University of Queensland, graduating with first-class honours and a University Medal. For many years a member of the Queensland Youth Symphony, he now performs with numerous groups spanning innumerable genres. His solo act The Viola Cloning Project uses loop and octave pedals to turn his viola into a one-man string orchestra. His cat Beckett is afraid of brass instruments.

Simon Charles (composer)

Simon Charles

Simon is a composer and saxophonist living in Melbourne. He is currently working on pieces for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Arcko Symphonic project. He has composed music for many dance and theatre productions, is currently working on SUPTERTONE, a new work by choreographer Rennie McDougle, to be performed at the 2012 Next Wave Festival. Simon is the artistic director of Plight of the Peacock, a chamber ensemble featuring Kim Tan, Matthew Horsely, Avivan Endean and Ryan Williams, and performs as an improvising musician with various ensembles. He has recieved several awards for his compositions, including the Zavod Jazz/Classical Fusion Award and the Marion Isabel Thomas Prize. He is currently a resident at Montsalvat and is sponsored by the Montsalvat Trust.

Cam Butler (composer) | site

Cam Butler

Guitarist and composer Cam Butler is a highly active member of the contemporary Australian scene, both as a sideman and as a performer in his own right. Currently a member of Cam Butler & The Shadows Of Love, Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions and The Coralinas. Founding member of ground breaking instrumental trio, Silver Ray. Cam has composed, recorded and released 6 solo albums, his 6th, 'Save My Soul', features a 23 piece string orchestra and an accompanying 5 film video installation.

Aenon Jia-en Loo (composer) | site

Aenon Jia-en Loo was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1979 and raised in Hong Kong, China. As a child, he enjoyed LEGO, digging holes, dismantling home electronics and watching clouds slowly dissolve. He currently resides in New York City on the top floor of a 104-year old building. Delighted by having huge windows in his pigeon-cage, Aenon continues his life long endeavor; cloud watching, and stumbles to commit this experience to recorded sound.

Kevin March (composer) | site

Kevin March

Kevin March lives in Melbourne. His works have been performed in Australia, Europe, and the U.S. by ensembles including the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria, Ironwood, Halcyon, ASTRA, Chronology Arts, and The New York City Opera. He's won a couple of nice competitions, the Dorian LaGalliene Prize in 2009, the 3MBS National Composition Competition in 2010 and had his latest opera workshopped by NOVA. He teaches composition sessionally at the Victoria College of the Arts and the University of Melbourne Conservatory of Music.

When not writing or teaching, he grows orchids (about 500) and is a certified orchid judge in the Australian Orchid Council. He lives in Melbourne with his husband, K.O., and their black cat Oscar.

Anton Koch (composer) | site

Anton Koch

Anton Koch (b. 1972) completed his studies in 1993 at the University of Queensland majoring in composition and trumpet. In 2003, he became the inaugural recipient of "The Brian May Scholarship" enabling Australian composers to study at the University of Southern California in the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program. Anton Koch has composed, arranged, orchestrated and conducted for a variety of concerts, musicals, films, television broadcasts and recording projects within Australia and internationally, including the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2006 Asia Games in Doha, Qatar, the 7th and 8th annual Helpmann Awards in Sydney, and in Los Angeles with Hollywood film composer, Christopher Young.

John Arcaro (percussion / VOLUME 1 MC)

John Arcaro has been a member of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra since 1990. He has also been a guest timpanist/percussionist with Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa Japan, Malaysian Philharmonic, Sydney Symphony, West Australian Symphony and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestras. He has worked as a chamber musician and soloist with ensembles such as the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, Synergy Percussion, Speak Percussion, Astra, Aphids, The Pokrovsky Ensemble Russia and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Performance highlights have included a critically acclaimed performance of Stockhausen's Kontakte with pianist Michael Kieran Harvey in 1996.

John has recorded numerous film scores and performed with a wide range of popular artists, including Frank Sinatra, Olivia Newton-John, KISS and Meat Loaf. John studied in New York and Philadelphia with leading orchestral percussionists and graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) with high distinction. He is currently a member of staff at the University of Melbourne and the VCA.

Pozible Contributors

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Di Breciani, Mary Valentine, Rosie Hunt, Alan Nott, Judy and Gordon Cope-Williams, Forest Hills Village, Rosia Pasteur, Peter Lim and John Curro AM MBE.

Previous shows

VOLUME 1 @ Abbotsford Convent, The Linen Room - 23 Nov 2008

VOLUME 1 rocked the beautiful Abotsford Convent Linen Room, which was the eclectic show's debut. The intimate venue and stunning surroundings of the convent ensured a powerful performance.

VOLUME 2 @ Castlemaine State Festival, Uniting Church - 31 Mar 2009

Castlemaine - with its strong and diverse arts community - played host to VOLUME 2. The Castlemaine State Festival presented the VOLUME concert series to new audiences.

VOLUME 3 @ BMW Edge, Federation Square - 28 Nov 2010

Where fractured walls met silky sounds, bold lighting and fancy dress to present a concert like no other. VOLUME 3 presented some of the biggest names in Australian contemporary and classical music.

VOLUME 3 @ The Galleries, Collingwood Gallery & Guildford Lane Gallery - 28 Feb & 6 March 2011

Surrounded by unique works of art, VOLUME 3 was presented in two very intimate concerts at two unique galleries.

VOLUME 3 @ The Toff in Town - 4 Oct 2011

Nestled amongst the cityscape, huge glass walls and wooden floorboards met at The Toff in Town on Swanston St as part of the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival. The Toff supplied their most painfully quiet barman for the show, who was excellent.

Volume 3 @ The Toff in Town Volume 3 @ The Toff in Town Volume 3 @ The Toff in Town Volume 3 @ The Toff in Town Volume 3 @ The Toff in Town Volume 3 @ The Toff in Town

VOLUME 4 @ BMW Edge - 21 Nov 2011

The VOLUME experience returned, combining the striking geometry of BMW Edge with new sounds, new technology and new style. A full house performance witnessed new works by Australia's prominent contemporary composers, thrilling dance numbers and more.

VOLUME 5 @ BMW Edge - 4 Nov 2012

Sarah turned up the VOLUME in 2012, teaming up with sister Monica to perform the double violin concerto by Stefan Cassomenos with full chamber orchestra. VOLUME 5 was financed completely by crowdsourcing resource Pozible, and was made possible by the generosity dozens of wonderful supporters. New works by Joe Chindamo, Ade Vincent, Anton Koch, Daniel Masmanian and Rob Cossom were also presented with electric success.

Volume 5 @ BMW Edge

Volume 5 @ BMW Edge

VOLUME Favouries @ Ruby's Music Room - 10 Jul 2013

The intimate, vintage inspired surroundings of Ruby's Music Room played host to Sarah's pick of VOLUME classics.

Loop City @ Hares & Hyenas - 20 Jul 2013

Sarah joined forces with poets Steve Smart and Amanda Anastasi to present a stunning cross-genre work at Hares & Hyenas in Fitzroy. Guests were treated to a unique blend of poetry reading and Sarah's electrifying violin playing.

Loop City @ Stripfest St Kilda - 25 Aug 2013

Sarah and Loop City return to St Kilda Stripfest 2013.

VOLUME 6 Loop City @ Deakin Edge - 9 Nov 2014

Two poets. One violinist. One composer. In the midst of a changing landscape we search for constancy, the familiar, a home. But sometimes even the places we love best can infuriate us. This is a story about Melbourne, but this is no tourist postcard! This is LOOP CITY.

Poetry written & performed by Steve Smart & Amanda Anastasi. Music written by Yvette Audain & peformed on the Spur range of violins by me of course.

VOLUME 7 The Vanguard Ensemble @ Richmond Uniting Church - 21 Oct 2014

Featuring works by Adrian Hollay, Rob Sims, Eric Schwartz and Joe Chindamo. Special guest performers include Joe Chindamo and Zoe Black plus the amazing Vanguard Ensemble!

Vanguard features Christopher Cartlidge, Michelle Wood, Ben Opie, Jessica Foot, Nick Evans, Emma L Knight, Rob Shirley, Brock Imison, Rob Cossom, Steve Falk, Steve Newton.

VOLUME 7 would not have been possible without the help of Susanna Ling, Rebecca Adler, Charles MacInnes, Elyane Laussade and Matthew Miles, who made it easy and perfect!